Quick Time Review: Forza Horizon 5


  • The game is absolutely gorgous on the Series consoles and runs remarkably well on the Xbox One consoles.
  • Driving feels tighter than ever and really wraps you into each race.
  • Variety of races never bored me.
  • Exploring Mexico outside of races was a blast and the most fun in any of the Horizon titles.
  • The sandstorms add an extra level of complexity to races that include them.


  • The battle royale mode feels uncessessary and forced.

In Summary

I’ve never seen driving games as ones that could be masterpieces of video games until I played Forza Horizon 5. This game is not just a brilliant racing game, but a brilliant game period. What a standout Xbox title to show off what the Series consoles can do and quickly became one of my top contenders for GOTY. If you have an Xbox or PC and don’t have this game change that immediately.