Quick Time Review: Battlefield 2042


  • Huge maps
  • Several games and modes to choose
  • Intelligent scoring system that truly awards you for playing the objectives
  • No fools just running around killing people for levels (see above)
  • Great squad based play
  • No zombies


  • Graphical, physics based, and scoring bugs
  • Occasional server issues

In Summary

This collection of modes is fun. Flat-out fun. There are some weird bugs. Sometimes you’ll spawn on an
empty server (I utilize this bug to find hiding places with no fear of death). There are some really huge
maps that get to be crazy with the killing while the squad-based warfare is at its best. I spend most of my
time playing the Conquest and Rush modes under the Portal tab. BF2 and BF3 are my warm-ups, and
then I head on into Breakthrough which is immense. This game is solid for one huge reason. They set up
the scoring so that you have to PTFO. If you just go around killing people you’ll get nowhere (sorry CoD
kiddies). Is this game worth the full price at this point? If you are expecting to not have a few issues, then
no. For me, yes. And in a few months, I am willing to bet it will be worth the Premium price to
everyone. But, if you loved BF in the past, got through all the coding pains, then yes. It is worth a
purchase. If you complain because of an industry-standard you helped to create, I have no time for you.
Now squad up, soldiers. Let’s meet up on that battlefield and show the other side somewhat.

PSN: seriousfix
Xbox: tss Colossus