Quick Time Review: Halo Infinite Campaign


  • The audio (using Dolby Atmos) is jaw dropping when using a pair of headphones that fully utilize it (I used the Astro A50s for this review) and a true feast for your ears.
  • Gameplay feels tight, balanced, and how Halo should feel in 2021 and beyond.
  • Tons of things to do besides the main story and upgrades to get.
  • Graphics look great on Series S


  • World feels very Ubisoft open world inspired with the side items, for better or worse.
  • Story takes a while to really get into gear.
  • Occasional issues where the game would lock up on my Series S for 30 seconds or more.
  • Switching between mutiple sets of grenades and abilites mid combat can be frustrating using the D pad
  • Certain areas in the beginning lacked music where it was sorely needed.

In Summary

After playing a lot of Halo Infinite’s multiplayer I was beyond excited to jump into the campaign and while it’s definitely a meaty campaign, a lot of that Ubisoft-inspired filler is there and for some will make the experience better. However, for myself, I was looking for more of a tight and streamlined experience to wash away the bad taste Halo 5 left in my mouth. While the theme of the story is 1 man against an entire army there are several portions of the game that pour it on in normal difficulty that instead of making it feel like I had messed up, was more of a test of patience than anything. I think this campaign will be very polarizing for many people and as much as I loved and enjoyed the game, there was just as much, and sometimes more, that I was frustrated with. This game is definitely worth a look, but I think much like Halo 5 will be known for its multiplayer than much of its other elements.

Xbox provided early access to a review build of the game for this review.