Quick Time Review: Neat Worker Bee II


  • Super clean audio that sounds like it comes from a much pricier mic.
  • Easy to add to a mic mount or keeo on its own base if desired.
  • Sturdy build and great design overall that distinguishes it from other mics.


  • Users that have no prior experience with XLR mics will need addtional accessorires to make the mic work as intended.
  • No easy way to quickly mute the mic.

In Summary

This was the first XLR microphone I’ve been able to get a full hands on review with and it does not disappoint in any way. As soon as I started using it people noticed an immediate jump in quality over previous mics I’ve used before. Does it require more to get it to work than a standard USB microphone? Yes. Is the additional cost worth It to have the audio quality you get from the Worker Bee II? ABSOLUTELY! This is THE mic to get for anyone looking to take their voice recordings to the next level but at a budget price.