Quick Time Review: No More Heroes 3


  • Combat is the best in the series yet.
  • The new powerup modes are a great addition and add extra layers to combat.
  • The story is so over the top but I loved every minute of it.
  • MECH COMBAT!!!!!!
  • Great boss designs and variety.
  • The sushi bar music SLAPS.


  • Open world is sparse and feels like it needed more time to be fully polished.
  • Side jobs are boring and repetitive (besides plunging toilets and mining).

In Summary

As a fan of the original two No More Heroes titles, I LOVED my time with 3. It’s so over the top, gory, and just out and out insane in so many areas. That being said the open-world elements brought back from the original feel like a step back from that game and feel like the most unpolished part of it. Even with that, this is one of my contenders for GOTY for the story and gameplay alone. If you’re looking for a game that will scratch itches you didn’t even realize you had this is the game for you.