Quick Time Review: Roccat Syn Max Air


+ Very comfortable and adjustable design allows for much longer usage

+ Nice RGB lighting that’s sleek and stylish

+ Great sound quality with little to no fuzzing out, even at loud volumes

+ Nice setting changes can be made on computer with the Roccat Swarm app. It also can coordinate with any other Roccat products.

+ Can connect to PlayStation, Cell Phone, and Switch, as well as PC and Mac

+ Nice that sensor doubles as a charger

+ Always tells you battery status at initial turn on


– Mic is just Ok

– Even with cooling gel, can still feel warm after a while


As of right now, these have become the best headset I own. They are the first wireless set that does not fuzz or static out on me. It did take a little finagling to get them set up, but once set up, they are pretty great. The sensor acts as a charging stand as well, so your headphones are always ready to go. You do need an open USB slot for the sensor, however. Finding cons for this set was very difficult as the cons are not all are completely a headset issue but could very likely be more of a user issue. As in despite the cooling gel, they can still start to make me feel too hot, but I can get that way even without headphones. Also, the microphone doesn’t always pick up my voice over the game, as I am a very softspoken person. I would say if you can swing it and have other Roccat products, this headset is well worth the price.