Quick Time Review: Turtle Beach Stealth 600 Gen 2 MAX


  • One headset with a dongle that plays on any console or PC with a USB-A port is a MASSIVE win for people that own multiple consoles looking for just one gaming headset.
  • Audio still sounds amazing for a stereo headset.
  • Headset is still comfortable for short and long gaming sessions.
  • Mic is great and still sounds good.
  • Clean look for the headset overall that removes the color trims to determine what console you bought it for.
  • SUPER long battery, I still haven’t had a need to charge it after playing for hours on end.


  • The dongle may not be paired with a headset out of the box and walking through pairing it can be a pain.
  • Occasional audio dropouts during gaming sessions were odd and no items were breaking the line of sight between the USB dongle and the headset itself.
  • Lack of a “battery level” voice when powering on the headset like the 700s is a downer.

In Summary

Turtle Beach just added a new and great wrinkle with the Stealth 600 Gen 2 MAX. The ability to have a single gaming headset for every console is huge, and no other companies have jumped into that boat and will have to do so quickly to catch up. That being said the dongle I got wth my headset wasn’t paired at first and after digging for a paperclip and trying to find the precise hole to press to begin pairing is a big miss for me, and hopefully, something that won’t happen to you. With that out of the way though I still love the 600s and are well worth the $130 to have an excellent pair of stereo headsets that if you only own one console now, won’t break your bank later on looking to get a separate pair for that console too. Not to mention the insane battery life on this headset too and you’ve got a recipe for a must buy a headset for gamers looking to spend a little more to get a lot back.