Quick Time Review: Turtle Beach Scout Air


  • The audio is crisp and clean on Bluetooth no matter what device you have them connected to.
  • Volume levels are great without the need to constantly increase or decrease while listening.
  • Long battery life per earbud and an additional three charges when connected to the case.
  • Ear tips are comfortable inside the ear canal and do not cause irritation.


  • Case feels light and cheap with a constant fear it could crack if dropped.
  • Initial pairing out of the box is confusing
  • The odd decision to have removable films on the bottom of the earbuds to charge/pair without any labels on the case itself creates frustration.
  • Touch controls on the earbuds are hit or miss.

In Summary

Overall I really like the Turtle Beach Scout Airs (heck I’ve got them in my ears as I write this). As their first real attempt at gaming earbuds that also work outside of the gaming ecosystem is great, though there are definitely some improvements I hope to see in an eventual Gen 2. The pairing of the earbuds was confusing as the instructions that come in the box contradict how to actually pair them, and the addition of having removable film on the bottom of each earbud is a baffling choice as they are clear and not indicated to remove in the manual (this looks to have been corrected on their website itself, but the documentation that came with my review unit did not have this). With those initial bumps in the road handled though the audio quality is great for a 100$ pair of headphones across all platforms I tested on and the volume level remained consistent (I kept my pair around 50% for most of the items I listened to while reviewing). I would say if these are on sale these are a great buy, but at 100$ with a lot of competition in that market its harder to get behind fully, but if you do purchase them the audio quality alone is worth it, and hopefully we’ll see some of these nagging issues addressed in an updated version down the line.