Quick Time Review: Turtle Beach Stealth 600 Gen 2 (Xbox One/Series)

Posted April 26, 2021 by Andrew Semicek in Video Games


  • Super comfortable to wear for long stretches of time.
  • Audio quality is incredible for a $100 headset
  • Pairs automatically with Xbox like a controller with no need for USB dongle.
  • Headset cushions never get hot around the ears and never irritated my ears.
  • Long battery life will get through an entire days worth of gaming.
  • Mic that flips into the left headset allows the form factor to remain intact and an audio cue indicates when muted.


  • Mic and headset can randomly loose connection intermittently
  • Lack of Bluetooth and USB dongle limits headset to being used on Xbox only (you can purchase the Xbox USB adapter for Windows to use it there for PC but it does not connect without it).
  • Headband may be too small for larger heads.
  • Lack of presets (only 3) and inability to use app to create/customize presets.

In Summary

The Stealth 600 Gen 2’s feel great and are an excellent choice for someone who is looking for a cheaper wireless headset that gives excellent audio quality and a great mic. The biggest issue now is with Xbox releasing a $100 headset as well its a toss up between which you would go with, though for me the look and feel of the 600s would win out over the Xbox ones but you wouldn’t go wrong with either.

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