Quick Time Reviews: Yakuza 6: The Song of Life

Welcome to Quick Time Reviews (or QTR for short!). On these posts a We The Nerdy member reviews the first few hours of a game to determine if it’s worth your time. Games will be graded with a Yay (worth it) Meh (worth looking at via a rental or discounted price) or Nay (don’t even bother). 


  • Captivating story with lots of plot twists and turns
  • Great cast of main and side characters (Yuta is AWESOME)
  • Best and most fluid gameplay in the series to date
  • Tons of side missions and fun to be had in the arcades (Virtua Fighter 5!)
  • Battles are all in real time now, no moving to a different screen or area to fight
  • Tighter, more focused character progression system
  • More realistic world (far more NPCs on screen at a time, makes the areas feel more alive)
  • Save pretty much anywhere, anytime (except in combat)



  • Odd aliasing issues (on normal PS4, unable to test on a PS4 Pro)
  • Graphics still look somewhat dated
  • That baby minigame…
  • Some odd choices from Kazuma that don’t feel right for his character
  • Only two locations to traverse


Is it worth your time?