Sage Escape: Mars Gambit #3 Review

Sage Escape: Mars Gambit #3 continues Sage’s pursuit of uncovering the truth behind Friendly Corp and the massacre in Natura. Mars Gambit #3 contains the most widespread storyline of the series, jumping between Raamon and Sage to Imogen and Soo Mi, with Groth included as well. The issue is very strong, but the Imogen/Soo Mi storyline seemed to appear out of nowhere. Imogen was briefly mentioned during Mars Gambit #1, but she was left out of the story until she briefly reappeared in this issue.

The rest of Mars Gambit #3 is well done. The issue starts by introducing the bounty hunter/former salesman Groth before going back to the standoff aboard the slave trader’s ship. Cat and the children side with Sage and they lock the trader away aboard his own ship, hopefully for good. They fly back to Cray City so Sage can infiltrate the Cray residence and find some answers about the Natura massacre and the ensuing cover-up.

Mars Gambit #3 is very strong in that it introduces interesting new characters. Groth the bounty hunter is introduced, and a portion of his past is explained. Additionally, there is a new man who appears at the end of the issue infiltrating Friendly Corp and studying the new Salesmen Assassins. He doesn’t say anything, but he has the ability to dematerialize, which makes him extremely interesting.

Elvis Cray, the man who secured right to drinkable water on Mars finally makes his appearance, and he proves to be just as evil as expected. He purposely imprisons his daughter and poisons her girlfriend simply because he doesn’t agree with her life choices. This is all before going on a rant to Sage about how the rich and powerful were meant to rule the human race. Luckily, Sage blows his brains out and reprograms his stored memories to be like his daughter. Seems like a successful day.

You don't mess with Groth.

You don’t mess with Groth.

Unfortunately, not all stories have a happy ending. Groth finally tracks down Sage and severely injures both her and Raamon during their escape from Mars. This all happens before Sage is captured by the slave trader and launched into space.

Mars Gambit #3 leaves the story on a cliffhanger that creates interest in the upcoming series. While I would have preferred to learn more information about Imogen and Soo Mi, I still enjoyed this last issue. I’m very interested in getting some answers about Sage, Raamon and the kids, and that metal box.