Senran Kagura: Peach Beach Splash Review

Posted October 10, 2017 by Aron Pohara in Nerdy Bits

Developers: Tamsoft, Honey, Parade Games

Publisher: Marvelous USA

Platform: PS4

Release Date: September 26th 2017

Pump faster! Squirt Further! And Splash all around!

Peach Beach Splash is a hell of a fun but perverted game. One could say its relatively shallow on the surface, however looking deeper and really spending time with it; it’s clearly evident the game has a lot to offer for those looking for this type of entertainment. It is as niche game as they come and it is where it really succeeds, it ultimately knows what it is and it relishes in knowing that.

Taking Senran Kagura and putting it in a perpetual spring break setting was a natural evolution for the series and the developer could have lost track of what makes the series work very easily. That did not happen and what they managed to do is actually a fun game in the spirit of Splatoon but with scantily clad ninja ladies!

Character Creation:

Well, I should really call it character customization as there is really no way to create your own character. Customization, however, has quite a few features, however. We have accessories, hairstyle on the ladies, type of bathing suits that they can wear. This is where microtransactions come into play and where it becomes like DOA 5 where you can spend a ton of money on superfluous things. There is a lot of items that can be obtained through playing the game as well so thankfully it is not really necessary to spend all this extra money.

Another thing with Character customization that we have here is something called a “Diorama” scene which to be honest I have no idea what purpose it serves other than a player being able to “examine and touch”, yes TOUCH the ladies. It is a bit of a perverted feature, to say the least.


This is really where the game shines. It is not an extremely deep game with all the different gameplay modes and such, but what is there it is fun. We have a story mode that is interesting enough and we have our ladies run through about ten different chapters. Each one of the Ninja groups has their own story-line which makes a single player portion of the game actually have some legs.

The AI during the story portion of the games is not the greatest, to say the least with it sometimes being utterly brain dead. Both the enemies but even your teammates are sometimes either run in front of you or just stand there not doing anything. It would be one thing I can truly say is immersion breaking in this game.

You do get different types of water guns and abilities as you complete different tasks in the game. Those new abilities do change up a style of game-play and honestly gives the game a depth it really has no business having.

There is also a training mode which is your pretty basic test your new weapons and abilities mode so you can get familiar with all of the combos and weapons that you have acquired throughout either playing the game or purchasing them. Pretty basic stuff really.

I only managed to play few games of multiplayer really and those games were fun, even though somewhat limited as I did get disconnected on several occasions. I cannot speak really if it was a server, other player or my connection. Playing online was certainly fun and the fact that you are not playing against a brain-dead AI certainly helps the immersion of the game.


Another thing that this game does really well; even though some will see it superfluous is what the game calls a Library mode.

It is actually a pretty cool way to collect anything from pets to Voice dialogue to Illustrations which would be really cool if someone could actually make as a PS4 wallpaper now that feature is finally open to the players.

Final Thoughts:

This game is overall very enjoyable and even though it has a very niche market, the fact is this game knows that. It truly is not trying to be something it is not. That is evidently clear throughout the story from the dialogue that our announcers make almost poking fun at itself. It is yet another place where this game succeeds.

If you ever had the intention of playing games like this and really only game that I can think of being like this would be Dead or Alive Extreme; even though this is very limited in scope comparing to that particular game do yourself a favor and check this out. It is not a game of the year contender but damn if it is not way better than it had any business being! That is mostly because of the style of the video game whose graphics even though a bit dated do give us a feel that we are inside this particular anime!

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