Sir, You Are Being Hunted Review

What’s that? You’ve never played a game with murderous British robots? Well look no further, as the game you need to play right now is Sir, You Are Being Hunted.

Sir, You Are Being Hunted is a stealth based survival game from Big Robot that incidentally features robots. The player is dropped in a randomly generated world and chooses his class. However, the British-ness of this game is at a maximum so the roles the player picks are ones like Aristocrat, Cook and so on. The player then hears a voice saying that the experiment failed. The game’s introduction is very similar to that of Don’t Starve, along with some other elements.

A picture is worth a thousand words

The game basically involves the player collecting some artifact fragments, and placing them in a shrine. These fragments can be found anywhere in the world, that is composed of five islands of the player’s choosing.

Gone are the days of the Assassin Creed stealth missions, when all you had to do was find the pattern in the AI’s walk and exploit it. In this game, the enemy is completely unpredictable, and pops up at the most inopportune moments. Once, when I was foraging for loot in one of the big houses, I saw the hunter turn the corner. I thought that I had a good minute or so till he came back, but he comes back immediately and shoots me in the face, all while looking at me with those smug, red eyes.

Who is the hunter here?

Incidentally, the red eyes of the robots are one of the few ways of staying one step ahead of them. They always glow and give away their position. This minute detail helps you significantly, as I learned to stealth around the hunters.

You must survive by obtaining food, which can, of course, be cooked. You can also drink some English whiskey, and try to survive the murderous robots while drunk. If alcohol isn’t your preferred beverage, there is plenty of tea around, because this game is all about being British(in case the Cockney accent wasn’t subtle enough) and staying alive. In fact, you even have a tea score.

Tea break!

The game also gets increasingly difficult as you collect more fragments, and you can find yourself surrounded by the hunters, with nothing but a hatchet. The weapons aren’t very modern, so don’t go into the game expecting a fully automatic MP4. The hatchet can even prove to be more useful than the guns, which are scant in number, as charging the robot and hacking at him is pretty effective.

The inventory system is also quaint and realistic, so don’t expect to carry ten huge weapons like you did in Wolfenstein. The inventory works much like a backpack in real life, as objects take up different amounts of space. The rifle is huge and takes up many spots in your backpack, but an alarm clock is proportionately much smaller. This added sense of realism is a welcome addition in the game, as it deters the stockpiling of objects.

Although, people don’t normally carry an axe in their backpacks…

The game encourages innovative thinking from the player; I found myself behind a house, as three robots blocked the path between me and the fragment, and I decided to use Home Alone tactics to reach my prize. An alarm clock distracted two of them, and I skirted around the third to reach my artifact.

On the whole, the game is difficult to play and progress takes time. More than an action based game, the game is based on stealth and survival. In fact, I would say the game rewards stealth; if you fire at a robot, many more hasten to help their comrade.


I would recommend this game simply because it is novel and a lot of fun to play. The difficulty might frustrate some players, but it only made me more determined to use new tactics. The graphics are great, and dry humor is prevalent in the game, mostly as item descriptions. The game does indeed draw from others such as Don’t Starve, but it succeeds in setting itself apart as a truly innovative game.

The game is definitely not perfect; there are many texture related bugs, the difficulty needs a remedy, and the game does get boring after a while. But this game is a cure for people, who like me, have the disease ‘What do I play next-icitis’