SNK vs. Capcom: The Match of the Millennium Brings Back Much Needed Nostalgia via The Switch

Posted February 27, 2021 by Taneisha Jane in Nerdy Bits

The nostalgia from the 90’s has always been something that I so heavily embrace.  SNK and Capcom were two of my favorite gaming companies as a kid, so it was no surprise that I’d want to review this gem, SNK Vs. Capcom: The Match of the Millennium for the Nintendo Switch, especially since I had so much fun playing the original installment for the Neo-Pocket. 

In SNK Vs. Capcom: The Match for the Millennium, a roster of eighteen characters are present (and more to unlock), each from Street Fighter, Fatal Fury, Samurai Showdown, Darkstalkers and King of Fighters series.  Since this game is on the Neo-Pocket, it has a two button set-up which is quite a challenge, but fun at the same time. (This is a Neo Pocket game, you’ll have fun on that grind to scoring points and unlocking characters, trust me.)

At the main menu, there are six modes to choose from: tourney, vs mode, olympic, entry, sparring and record mode. Of the six, five of them are self explanatory with the exception of olympic mode.  Olympic mode is where you can play different mini games and scores points to unlock sub characters that will be on the roster.  

Before you start your match, you are given the option of choosing from three different modes: Average, Rush or Counter.  In Average mode, you build up specials based on attacks while Rush is more geared towards DarkStalkers and KOF combo modes. Counter Mode let’s you charge up to do special attacks (which are really fun to watch).     

For those who are very picky about their fighting games’ gameplay, you won’t get Pocket Fighter style combat here.  You’ll have to remember that this game was made before we were blessed with Pocket Fighter or even Marvel vs. Capcom style combat, so knocking people in the head with a mallet wasn’t a thing in this game, or long extorted combos that would knock out your health bar in seconds.  With that being said though, the gameplay is still really good and will have you playing your Switch for hours.  But don’t underestimate Match of the Millennium since it can still hold it’s own against other fighters before or after it’s time, since it still has the basics most fighting games hold.  

One thing I happened to like about the Switch version of the game was actually being able to customize the display (which are the Neo Geo colors as your layout) to your liking.  I also noticed that there was a black background (which I prefer on anything since white backgrounds hurt my eyes).  It was like having a Neo Geo again, honestly.  I chose the blue since that’s the one I had as a kid. The display can also be enlarged to better fit the screen to give you an overall better visual experience. 

This game is already a great one, but if you are a fan of the collection (like I am) I’d definitely say wait and save up for the whole collection.  If you can’t wait, then please purchase this nostalgic masterpiece.  

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