Stray Quick Time Review

Developer: Blue Twelve Studio

Publisher: Annapurna Interactive, Iam8bit Inc.

Available on : PC, PS4, PS5

Release date: July 19, 2022


Adorable protagonist

Interesting post-apocalyptic world

Good music

Good story

Cat moves very realistically


Controls not always as responsive as they could be

Stealth sections can be a lot of trial and error

Some minor technical issues

In all, Stray is a unique action adventure title with an adorable protagonist trying to get home through a robot populated world. The world is interesting to explore, and the robots have distinct personalities making them characters worth meeting and interacting with. The dangers posed by the bug-like Zurks and the robot Sentinels can lead to some very tense moments. While the controls mainly work well, on occasion they’re not always as responsive as you might like (in particular, the jump button), leading to some trial and error in more stealthy sections. Despite that, this is a game well worth playing, and a must for cat lovers.

8/10 stars