The Comic Wish List: November 19th 2014

Welcome to the twenty third instalment of the wish list bringing you what comics we, Comics Section Editors Oscar Russell & Joel Raivid, are looking forward to each and every week. 

So if you are deciding how to spend your money this week on New Comic Book Day, don’t worry, we got you covered!! Here are a handful we think you should pick up!



ww36Wonder Woman #36

Written by: Meredith Finch

Art by: David Finch & Richard Friend

After what can only be described as one of the best creative runs in Wonder Woman’s history, we kick off this week with a new creative team in the form of the Finch’s and Friend (literally). We are all obviously disappointed that Azzarello and Chiang’s run is over, but now it is time to accept that we were fortunate enough to get a fantastic complete story. Everyone will be eager to see how the new creative team will approach one third of DC’s trinity and therefore all eyes will be on this comic this week. Oh and the previews show that Swamp Thing will be in this issue, so that is always a plus!



sw1Spider-Woman #1

Written by: Dennis Hopeless

Art by: Greg Land

After the controversy of a certain variant cover by Milo Manara, the Spider-Woman ongoing finally begins and right in the midst of Spider-Verse. Hopeless has been doing some great work on Avengers Undercover and bringing Jessica Drew to her own series has the potential to be another hit. With the latest Spider-Lady-Woman, Silk, joining up with our resident Spider-Woman this debut issue definitely has potential, how long Silk is in this series I do not know but this team up is definitely something I am looking forward to this week



x030X-O Manowar #30

Written by: Robert Venditti

Art by: Diego Bernard & Alisson Rodrigues

Publisher: Valiant

With Armor Hunters over, this is a perfect jumping on point for new readers. This series has been perhaps the strongest in Valiant’s line since its creation and Venditti is certainly doing some of his greatest work in this series. So what’s in store for Aric? Well they are called the Armorines, and apparently their armor has abilities which far outway those if X-O Manowar, so are the Armorines friend or foe? Find out by picking this issue up.


Which books are you looking forward to this Wednesday, let us know in the comments……