The Witcher 3 Review In Progress: Day 0

We The Nerdy was lucky enough to get an advanced review copy of Witcher 3 for Xbox One. Throughout this week, both Andrew Semicek and John Clark will give their thoughts on the game from their platform perspectives (John will have it on PC). Once both of them have played through the game, or at least enough to give a honest score, they will post the final review, likely sometime next week. Enjoy! 

I have been chomping at the bit to get my hands on the third game in the Witcher franchise, and the wait was nearly getting unbearable. After playing for about four hours yesterday, here are my quick takeaways:

World is Massive

The world of the Witcher has always been one of a grander stature, but from the parts I’ve played so far, it’s been turned up to 11. The world is huge and completely explorable, and there are so many things that aren’t even on the map to discover that you can loose so much time just wandering around it that it’s almost like it’s own game.

Combat Still Keeps You on Your Toes

Combat was enjoyable in Witcher 2, and Witcher 3 helps streamline that as much as possible for consoles than it’s PC counterpart. The action is fast and fluid, and controls are similar to Witcher 2, but I feel more at home with these controls that I did in the past. Remembering to use potions and spells in battle seems to come more easily this time around, though that may come down to the more user-friendly tutorial that CD Projeckt Red has implemented.

It’s Gorgeous

It may be an overused statement these days, but this is one of the best looking games I have ever played, period. From the details in peoples faces to the fluidity of moving from environments, everything is superbly crafted and runs without much of a hitch on Xbox One.


These are just some of my quick thoughts on just a small sampling of the game. Be sure to keep checking out We The Nerdy this week as John Clark and I give you our thoughts on the game leading up to our review!