Archie Vs. Predator #2 Review

Written By: Alex De Campi

Art By: Fernando Ruiz

Published By: Archie Comics and Dark Horse Comics

This is not your regular, ordinary Archie comic. It is mature, violent and yet it keeps the comedic aspect that Archie comics have held since their introduction. In Issue number two De Campi and Ruiz ramp up the violence, tension and comedy to eleven and don’t let their foot off the pedal at anytime throughout. If you love a good horror book or have always wondered what a more mature Riverdale would be like then this is the book for you.

The gang is back in Riverdale after their short vacation in Los Perdidos, supposedly safe and sound. This opening scene could easily be mistaken for a standard all ages Archie story as the gang makes jokes over burgers and soda. Then a popular Archie character gets their head shot off by the Predator and it becomes clear that this isn’t your grandma’s Archie. This death serves as a sort of floodgate opener as by the end of this issue the body count is high and filled with beloved Archie characters.

The first issue really did a great job of fleshing the Riverdale gang out as more mature and flawed characters. This continues in issue two , albeit with a lot more gore and surprisingly a bit more comedy. This book is full of funny one liners and interactions that are masterfully contrasted by De Campi with the death and gore that also fills these pages. When Veronica sees a picture of the Predator after he kills a well known character, she mistakes his for a ninja with a “terrible hairdo” and theres a scene involving Sabrina that references Afterlife With Archie hilariously. Also, Chuck has the most badass moment that I have seen in any medium in recent history, although it doesn’t look like he’ll be able to improve upon it, at least not in this series.

Fernando Ruiz literally kills it on art duties and his Archie house style really amps up the horror that goes on in this book. Had this series been drawn by a Marvel or DC artist then it wouldn’t have the same disturbing feeling that it has with Ruiz on board. I have seen Ruiz’s art before and it has always been clear that he excels at drawing a comedic book. This issue however, cements Ruiz as a double threat as his rendering of a certain establishment owner getting his brains blown out is just as effective as his crossdressing Jughead. Seriously, go buy this book.