Titans Season 1 Review

Starring: Teagan Croft, Anna Diop, Ryan Potter, Brandon Thwaites

Directed by: Varios

Released by: DC Universe

Titans; it is a series that was maligned by delays cancellations, studio moves and yet somehow persevered and got released as an exclusive content for DC Universe Streaming Service. It was released as a flagship for the service that will eventually bring us the return of the Young Justice: Outsiders and shows such as Doom Patrol, Harley Quinn, Stargirl and others.

It is a strange series to review and being that I am a huge Titans fan some of this review can come off as bit of biased but even I understand some of the flaws the series has in its first 11 episode first season. Show is very entertaining in parts and seeing all of these characters on the screen in live action format is certainly something I did not expect to see. Enjoyment of this series really comes mostly from viewer’s expectations and what version of the Titans they wanted to see more than anything else.

If you wanted to see Teen Titans cartoon version on the big screen you will be sorely disappointed as this show is extremely violent and is certainly not a show for kids. If you were expecting Geoff Johns run on Teen Titans or George Perez’ take on the team, you will be disappointed as well. It really takes portions of those two runs and makes it into a mesh of stories; even though the first season really focuses on Raven and who she is on the most part.

Performances as they are better than expected with Anna Diop’s Starfire and Teagan’s Croft’s Raven really carry the scene every time they are in it. Brandon Thwaites as Robin is good but his Dick Grayson is such distraction that it could certainly be unappealing for some viewers. He acts more like Jason Todd than Dick Grayson.

Show throughout its running time really tries to focus on Robin’s struggle and why he is the way he is currently and in some aspects of the story it works and others it falls flat and it feels like a plot device more than anything else. 

Show is also slow in parts to get somewhere as it tends to really spend time in exposition when it could have told the meat of the same story in less time. That is clearly evident as it takes almost four of the eleven episodes of Season 1 before you get to see the team together for the first time.  It is a shame because I did believe that characters played well off of each other with each other’s little quirks and character traits and every time you got to see the team dynamic it really worked, there’s just not enough of it.

Another good thing about Titans is some supporting characters that show up in few episodes, namely Doom Patrol and Hawk and Dove. Doom Patrol episode (Episode 4) really served as a  pilot for that series as it is going to be premiering on the DC Universe later next year. Hawk and Dove were very human characters with true struggle and you could really relate to their stories throughout the two episodes they were in.

Toward the end of the season however the pacing became more of a problem as there was never a true focus to an endgame and the last few episodes almost felt rushed with no true resolution to either team building or the true threat that may be facing the Titans in Season 2. 

Overall it is not a bad Freshman season but there is certainly things that should be fixed, namely pacing.

If you want to check out a Titans series in a vein of Daredevil or other Netflix Marvel shows this is a pretty fun show.