We The GamerCast Episode 178: The Finale

Posted December 24, 2018 by Sean Capri in Nerdy Bits

Special thanks to every single person who was a guest on the show, supported the Patreon, listened, and shared. Thank you to everyone for your kind messages as this show comes to a close. It is impossible to end a show like this in a perfect manner but thanks to the help of so many of you who sent in audio clips, tweets, emails – hopefully this is a worthy tribute of a show that meant so much to me and, from the sounds of it, to you as well.

As sad as it is to see this go away, I have to take a moment of gratitude that anyone listened at all. I am immeasurably grateful that people came on the show. They subscribed. I still remember bumping into Corey Hicks at a movie theatre – and he was LISTENING to We The GamerCast! So crazy.

Thank you all for being on this journey with me. I tried to do the show right with this Finale. I regret not getting to everyone’s submissions and comments. Even so, I hope you enjoy this final We The GamerCast.


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