Top 5 Games of 2014, So Far

2014 is half way through and it’s time to begin thinking about the best Game of the Year. Unfortunately, there hasn’t be a ton of games to call “Game of the Year” material, but a few games do stand out above the others. So, I have comprised the list of 5 games that I believe to be Game of the Year, to this point. Please feel free to post your own set of 5, and let me know what you think.


5) Outlast


I am a big fan of horror games. I believe that if a game/movie can scare me then they have accomplished a feat. With that said, this is one of the scariest games that I have ever played. It’s music, tone, and little subtleties truly make this game a treat. I highly recommend this to any that are looking for a good scare.

4) Mario Golf


I used to play golf games every year. Tiger Woods and I won many tournaments from my PS2 and PS3. However, the years have past, and I’ve hung up the ‘ol golf bag. Until this year. Mario Golf caused me to put in 60+ hours into a golf game based on the 3DS. That’s incredible to me. The addition of multiplayer and online scorecards make this game an addiction.

3) Child of Light


I love games with fun gameplay and gorgeous art, and I also love poetry. Child of Light was the perfect combination for me. Where many found the rhyme annoying, I found it to be a breathe of fresh air and beautiful. Any RPG fan will love this journey.

2) Mario Kart


I really don’t know if I have to say anything here. It’s Mario Kart in 1080p. What else do you need to know? Not to mention, the Luigi Death Stare.

1) Wolfenstein

wolfenstein new order 2

Yes. This is my Game of the Year, so far. It’s unique story has heart. The action keeps you entertained from beginning (sans the first level) to the very end. I love alternate time line narratives, and Wolfenstein did it with a flair that I wasn’t expecting. I think that this will be a contender by year’s end. I hope you all enjoy it as well.