Torchlight 2 Review

Posted October 14, 2019 by Cody Rostron in Video Games

Developer: Runic Games/Panic Button Games

Publisher: Perfect World

Release Date: Sept, 3, 2019

Platforms: Nintendo Switch

Almost every game today has some sort of loot system. And if they do, there is an even better chance that those items have a colored tier system for loot. Well, around the boom of games like Diablo and Borderlands came Torchlight. And its successor Torchlight 2 not long after. This game doesn’t reinvent any wheels it doubles down on what makes loot hunting games so enjoyable. Minimal interruptions while I slaughter every monster in sight, waiting for that next significant drop.

I’d consider Torchlight 2 on the Switch a great time killer. In the best way, I can simply turn on my switch jump into the game and kill some beasts. Just like many people’s reaction when playing a game on their phone, I need to pass the time on my bus ride or waiting for an appointment. Clearing dungeons and finding new quest givers is easy and thoughtless. That being said, you probably aren’t coming to Torchlight 2 on the Switch for its in-depth gameplay and strategy, most likely you’ll just play it on PC. The console limitations are present, and while it doesn’t hinder the game, it does impede some quality of life mechanics.

The game also doesn’t look fantastic graphically, that might seem obvious because it’s a game from 2012, but when your Switch is undocked, some text on menus are tough to see, and overlay can look jumbled at times. That being said, the art style of Torchlight 2 does a lot of the heavy lifting. From world-building to simple charm, it doesn’t get much better than the stylized world that was created way back when. It’s something that helps keep the game fresh. If this game looked like other games from 2012, it would probably be an even bigger mess than it’s menu issues mentioned before. Going through inventory and checking your stats can be daunting at first, considering just how much is on screen at any given point. Navigating it all is undoubtedly something intended for a mouse and keyboard.

The gameplay loop is as addicting as its always been. You roam every inch of the map, clearing enemies and collecting loot. The wide variety of weapons gives you plenty of ways to go, From Swords to Guns. Torchlight also doesn’t shy away from being difficult if you are under-leveled for an area don’t expect to last long in that dungeon. Dungeons are well crafted with a beautiful clay-like art style, and filled with stylized bad guys to kill

I would recommend Torchlight 2 to any switch owner who needs a game to play mindlessly during some downtime or if you plan on getting some friends together but more so the former. If you like Diablo, this is right up your alley; if you like Divinity Original sin, then I might not. It’s less story-based and more loot-based.


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