Webcomic Wrap Up: Girls with Slingshots Review

Welcome to the Webcomic Wrap Up. A feature that changes month to month. Hosted by yours truly Stephanie Hall. This time I will be doing a review.

Girls with Slingshots is a slice of life webcomic created by Danielle Corsetto. It went from 2004 to 2014. You can read it here. This is We the Nerdy’s review of it.


Plot: The plot centers on Hazel Tellington an alcoholic writer, and Jamie McJack Hazel’s super positive best friend. The focus is on them and their growing cast of friends as all of them fall in love, struggle with friendships, and figure out where they are going in life. That last one is specifically applicable to Hazel as throughout the comic she periodically has existential crises about her life. The plot doesn’t really seem to anywhere it just tells their life and we see them grow as people which is perfectly great in this humble reviewer’s opinion. Overall it is well written, and both touching and hilarious at times. Oh and there is a talking cactus. Don’t ask…just read it and see the magic.

Characters: Like I said in the plot segment. This comic is all about characters. And pretty much all of them are great. Some are unlikeable but they are kinda supposed to be. And every character comes off as a real person. They have dreams, they have flaws, they make mistakes, and wonder what they are doing. Their dialogue feels unique to their character. Nobody feels generic. All in all this comic is about characters and they are all fantastic.

Art: The art has a simple semi cartoon style that works well. For the first 5 volumes it is mainly Black and White. But starting with volume 6 it became full color. (Though it is currently re-posting the early chapters in color) The characters are certainly expressive in this style. And overall it has a fairly simple style that works. Nothing mind blowing but nothing eye shattering either it just works.

Overall: It is a very well done slice of life comic. With great characters. And a fitting art style. I recommend it to anyone who is a fan of slice of life stories and flawed characters.

Next time on the Webcomic Wrap Up. I will give you my recommendations for good fantasy webcomics.