Wytches #2 Review

Written by: Scott Snyder

Art by: Jock

Publisher: Image

In my opinion, a horror comic is one of the hardest genres of comic to produce. Unlike movies or games, comics do not have things such as music, movement or timing in order to scare or unnerve the viewer, so has to rely almost entirely on the art and strong writing to produce effective scares and can’t simply rely on cheap jump-scares. Luckily, Snyder and Jock are one of the strongest teams in comics right now and know they’re way around a horror story, ensuring that Wytches #2 is one of the most unnerving comics I’ve read in a long time.

Throughout the story Snyder creates a perfect sense of dread by constantly catching you off guard and never making things feel predictable. The very first page caught me off guard right away and from there I was tense to discover what each new page turn would hold. Snyder manages to perfectly pace the story and balances the ratcheting tension with some nice character building moments, helping us get to know the character who will soon be in, it seems, mortal danger. There are quite a few scenes which I won’t spoil, but were highly unnerving and left me feeling pretty rattled.

Jock is the absolute perfect choice for the art of this book, his slightly twisted style working perfectly with the horror Snyder writes. Jock’s art style is very creepy, even during some of the more horror light sections something just feels slightly off, like a fake smile hiding something dark, it’s just perfect and helps keep an effective atmosphere throughout the whole book. Even the colours by Matt Hollingsworth contribute to this with strange, blotted colours on every page. It just adds to the unnatural, unknown feeling to the book and keeps you feeling unsettled and unsure of what’s going to happen.

The strongest element of the art has to be the actual wytches themselves. Without spoiling anything, the reveal is highly creepy and properly freaked me out and left me feeling almost terrified. They are some of the most unsettling and eerie character designs I’ve seen in a comic and left me feeling shaken walking away from the book. This is a scene that will be remembered for quite a while and will definitely stick with you. An absolute stand-out moment of art and story working perfectly hand in hand.

To conclude, this book has started to tip its hand in to what kind of scares we can expect from the series, and it is frankly horrifying, in all the right ways. Outside of this, the story itself is still full of unexpected twists and turns that will keep you wanting to read on, if you can stomach it. This is highly recommended, a truly great horror comic that shows what the medium can do.