Aquaman: Futures End #1 Review

Posted September 5, 2014 by Adrienne Crean in Comic Books

Written by: Dan Jurgens

Art bt: Alvaro Martinez

Publisher: DC

If you are an Aquaman fan, like myself, then I encourage you to take a good look at this number one issue. My biggest advice for this comic, is to give it a minute.

Jurgens starts us off with a couple of different problems happening. As with the other Futures End one-shots this issue takes place five years from now and after the War (Apocalypse attacking the world), and we see very quickly the exact type of damage that it has caused on Atlantis and it’s people. They are suffering, starving, and angry. Aquaman has set up a Atlantean outpost on what is called Atlantis Island. His main purpose of doing so is to have humans be able to visibly see what the Atlanteans are going through. Unfortunately, his people don’t see the point, and begin turning on Arthur once again.

We also have the issue of Vulko (a fellow Atlantean who has been a problem in the past) beginning preparations of resurrecting the Dead King. If you aren’t aware of who this is, he is King Atlan, a man who ruled Atlantis prior to it’s sinking. He is not someone you want around, slumbering for years, has left him a bit bitter to say the least.

With these complications, Jurgens makes sure to do an excellent job of giving details of a wars politics. At first I felt as if I had to take my time taking in everything being said, as well as figure out that I needed to open my mind to understand the different sides of debates. This is why I say “give it a minute”. This issue one starts with many political stand points all at once, and it takes a while for the different plot lines to coincide, however, once they do, then BAM, you are full fledged invested in wanting the good to outdo the bad.

Of course, if the Dead King has returned, then you know that means Martinez gets the opportunity to create some of the most beautiful aquatic action scenes you’ll ever see. There are also some surprise action scenes from someone that you wouldn’t expect.

Overall, this comic was very much worth the read! It is a terrific blend of politics, action, and wholesome Superhero love! A quick little P.S. though, the story continues with Aquaman and the Others: Futures End #1 so go pick that up when it comes out on the 24th.

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