Avengers #33 Review

Posted July 31, 2014 by Joel Raivid in Comic Books

Written by: Jonathan Hickman

Art by: Leinil Francis Yu and Sunny Gho

Publisher: Marvel

The first Avenger seemingly becomes the last Avenger in Avengers #33. How poetic!

Hickman’s run on Avengers hasn’t been without its criticism, but since the beginning of Original Sin, and the tie in issues where Captain America has learnt about the Illuminati and their plans, each issue has gone from strength to strength.

The concepts we find in this issue are both truly imaginative and chilling and makes for a really interesting read as it creates a thought provoking narrative. The issue focus solely on Captain America as the last Avenger who has travelled the furthest in time, as we have seen in the previous issues where the other Avengers have slowly fallen off the ‘trip’ one way or another this would make sense as he is the one with the time gem. What plays out is some really intense sci-fi action.

Yu on art really works with this issue but it’s the colouring that truly stands out by Gho. The colouring brings to life these vast voids of space that this future world is made up of and together with the pencils of Yu makes this issue a really great looking book.

I’m not entirely sure where these issues are going if I am being honest, this particular arc started off with Steve Rogers confronting the Illuminati about what they have been doing behind the other Avenger’s backs (if you read New Avengers you will know), but all this time travel and dealings with Ultron have really glossed over that whole strand of story, I am assuming therefore that next issue there is going to be some resolutions with regard to this as from the solicits #35 seems to be starting a different story.

What resolutions we will get I am somewhat reluctant to even guess as Hickman loves his novel ways of getting to an end point, but this latest arc has definitely been fun and I have trust in Hickman to conclude it in a satisfying way next month.

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