Batman #19 Review

Posted March 15, 2017 by Aron Pohara in Comic Books

Written by: Tom King

Art by: David Finch and Danny Miki

Publisher: DC Comics

This is probably one of most unique Batman stories, I have ever seen. It is one of the most unique stories that I have ever seen because this particular chapter (spoiler alert!), does not concentrate on Batman at all. Only few writers were brave enough to take an entire length of the comic book, and not have a Dark Knight in his own book. It can be a really dangerous proposition, especially if the writing is not up to par.

Fortunately Tom King manages to avoid all of those pitfalls with Batman #19. This continues the story of I am Suicide, in such a fashion, one could say this is a direct sequel to it, if it was a movie. This is a story about Bane through and through. It’s a story about his perseverance, his singular goal and his strength of will. Unfortunately for Batman, all of those things are focused to get to him in this issue. Bane meets a lot of familiar faces in this book, and the action is excellent, but what makes this book work is the inner pain that is portrayed here. Tom King was always great in writing the emotional states of characters, and this book is a testament to that.

King is one more time joined by David Finch, who continues his stellar work on Batman. With the team of King and Finch, we have a team that love this character but more importantly, understand the inner workings of this character. As such, Finch is able to find a way to focus on intricacies of characters, among other things. And as an artist, if you do not understand the emotional state of the said character it can be relatively difficult to portray it correctly. Finch manages to bring out the full energy of Tom King’s writing and he had a full canvas of emotions to play here. From fear to excitement, it’s all here, and its wonderful.

It is probably too early to say this, but there is a good chance that I am Bane story-line will end up in pantheon of great Batman stories, but most importantly it could be one of the best Bane stories as well.

Batman continues to be a character driven story, more than action packed book. That is not to say that’s all it is, as there’s plenty of action of here, but King’s expert understanding of Batman’s psyche is what shines here. King understands the rogue gallery as well, and each villain that we have seen in this run so far has unique qualities, and none of them are one dimensional characters. It is what in essence makes this book work so well. That being said, there was one revelation in this book, that made me question a bit, where does this book fall in a Rebirth timeline, but I am sure the answers are coming!

Get this book and you won’t be disappointed!

Batman #19

Batman #19


Final Score

9.0 /10


  • Bane's rage
  • Great character development
  • Batman is afraid.


  • Not quite clear on timeline of this book

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