Chastity #2 Review

Posted August 4, 2014 by Oscar Russell in Comic Books

Written by: Marc Andreyko

Art by: Dave Acosta

Published by: Dynamite

Chastity is probably a character that most people (myself included) had not heard of prior to Dynamite’s announcement that they would be rebooting the series with the Chaos Comics imprint. The likelihood is, that this comic is still flying well below the radar, and most people still haven’t heard of Chastity.

To fill you in – Chastity is an up and coming gymnast with overly pushy parents. With the help of a knee injury, the hopes and dreams of becoming a world famous gymnast all but disappear, and our lead character becomes a fan girl for a set of teen vampire book (not too hard to imagine). I am not going to spoil too much of what happens in issue 1, because to be frank you should hunt it down and have a read of it yourself. But let me say now, issue 1 is a hell of a lot of fun and that humour continues right into issue 2.

I am torn with the art in this issue, however. At times it feels as if it is drawn by two different artists. The bodies of some of the people are totally out of proportion, with legs and arms seemingly having a life of their own. But then we are graced with some incredible pieces of art of elderly vampire ladies which would look incredibly in any pulp horror comic.

This really is a fun book to be reading, and the line between horror and comedy is balanced perfectly by Marc Andreyko. Maybe not enough people know who Chastity is at the moment, but if this continues the way it has started then who knows.

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