Convergence: Booster Gold #2 Review

Written by: Dan Jurgens

Art by: Alvaro Martinez

Publisher: DC

Last month, Convergence: Booster Gold was full of continuity easter eggs and references that’d make a die-hard DC squeal with delight. This issue continues that trend, however with a healthy dose of feels in an issue that reunites the blue and gold and gives what feels like a heartfelt send off to a beloved era of DC comics.

Much of the strength in this issue lies in the reuniting of post-crisis Booster Gold and Ted Kord, the famous “blue and gold” being together once again makes for quite a touching reunion, especially since the tragic future ahead is unkown to the younger and more innocent Ted Kord. The issue seems full of quite touching moments, including between the dying Booster Gold and his son Rip Hunter. In many ways it almost acts as a metaphor for the entire pre-flashpoint continuity, there’s certainly a very meta quality in letting one of the only remaining pieces of that continuity slip away into death. If you have that connection with the previous continuity, it can make for a very affecting issue.

This issue isn’t a total downer however, this still acts as a very classic, good natured sort of comic reminiscent of the era it’s set in. While some jokes stretch on a bit too long, such as skeets correcting Booster in regards to the villains names, there’s still a lot of fun to be had. It reminds the reader of a brighter era for comics and has a very nostalgic quality to it. The art of Alvaro Martinez certainly adds to this tone, with a very 00s era feeling that suits the era we’re revisiting. It’s a very bright and bold look that has been sorely missed and it welcomed in its return.

My only other complaint would be the lack of any real ending to the book. There is a conclusion reached in regards to Booster’s predicament, but the ending simply tells the reader to follow the story into convergence. It feels a bit cheap, especially since most of the other series managed to feel self-contained if you weren’t reading the main series. It’s unfortunate given the strength of the rest of the book and leaves the book on a low note after all the good will it builds up. Aside from this however, Convergence: Booster Gold is one of the strongest Convergence tie ins and is a perfectly touching send-off that fans have been asking for. If you’re a fan of DC and a bit of a continuity buff, you owe it to yourself to check this out.