Cosmic Ghost Rider #1 Review

Posted July 5, 2018 by Jacqueline Juretus in Comic Books

Writer: Donny Cates

Artist: Dylan Burnett

Color Artist: Antonio Fabela

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Strap in for a wild ride!

Now that that pun is out of the way – Cates delivers a very fun story here that older children to adults can enjoy.  Readers looking for a very mature comic should go elsewhere.  The story is a continuation of one from Thanos, but is a good jumping on point for newcomers as it brings the reader up to speed nicely.  Pacing is fantastic with a nice balance of build ups and payoffs, making this one a quick read.  There is not much meat to the story as far as depth, but that is not necessarily needed.  Expect to laugh out loud at times.

The art may take some getting used to if the reader is expecting something gritty.  It works very well, however, with the story being told.  The cartoony style allows for exaggerated action and facial expressions which add a layer to this piece.  Fabela does some excellent color work.  All the pages are very colorful, some near psychedelic, however they never become too muddy or confusing.  Lettering is done well and works with the chaotic art.

Writing, art, colors, and letters come together to make one hell of an ending that entices people to smile and want more.  The fantastic cover work by Geoffrey Shaw also intrigues and showcases just what these books are about.

This book won’t be for everybody, but those that like silly, colorful fun should pick this one up

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