Deadpool Versus Old Man Logan #1 Review

Posted October 21, 2017 by Kyle Simcox in Comic Books

Written By: Declan Shalvey

Art by: Mike Henderson

Published by: Marvel Comics

He’s taken on Carnage, Gambit, The Punisher and hell, he’s killed the Marvel Universe more than once. After achieving such a huge goal however, he’s pulling it back and getting back to the basics. Frying the smaller fish in the Marvel Universe, y’know? Whatever, Deadpool Versus Old Man Logan.

I love how this issue starts. We’re in the present day as Wade and Logan come running into the panel, Logan scolding Deadpool. Before he can really get anything out though, they’re hit with a truck. Then a tank. Then another truck. Then finally what looks to be a cargo plane. It’s a great way to start out what will hopefully be a very funny five-part series.

That being said, the rest of the issue isn’t quite as funny as the opening. Thankfully though, the art style lends a helping hand. Logan has some great facial expressions to go with being beaten, shot, and stabbed while doing what he does best. As a matter of fact, I just really like the way Old Man Logan is drawn in this issue. It kind of reminds me of the old Metal Gear Solid artwork in a way.

Anyway, after the comedic bit, we’re taken back a few days into the past. Deadpool is on a train doing Deadpool stuff and beating on a gang of guys because an old lady says she’d pay to see it happen. As Deadpool is in the process of making a hard earned twenty five bucks, Logan slides by and shoves him out of the train. The train doors close, Deadpool loses his twenty five dollars, and he decides to get revenge on Logan.

This is where the issue gets a little… wonky. Logan is in a hurry to get somewhere and just wants Wade to leave him alone, so the two end up clashing and making jokes about one another in the process. The two have always had a great dynamic together but the problem is, if Logan didn’t want to be bothered by Wade in the first place, why screw Wade out of his payment? It’s a humorous amount of money for the reader to learn about, but the reasoning to fight over it is pretty poor and yes, I realize we’re talking about Deadpool here. I mean, since when does Logan even use the train? When his bike is in the shop and there’s no teleporting mutants around which he’s used multiple times since coming to the 616 universe?

Either way, the two battle and crack jokes about one another with every stab and bullet fired until a scream distracts the two from their petty squabble.

Overall, its an entertaining issue to say the least. Logan is a good choice for Deadpool to clash with. If you like these two characters then this is going to be a fun five-part series. However, if you’re feeling fatigued by Deadpool and all of his versus titles, then you won’t really be missing out if you skip this one.

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