Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #13 – Review

Posted March 15, 2017 by John Newby in Comic Books

Written by: Kyle Higgins

Art by: Hendry Prasetya

Publisher: BOOM!

It’s been 13 issues, and so far, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers is one of the best comic series of the year. Kyle Higgins has managed to take a cheesy children’s show and crafted a very serious series, disturbingly so at times, that runs the gamut of action, dialogue, and occasional humor. Although, the humor sort of fell off after the first few issues. That is totally fine, because the twists and turns more than make up for it.

The different villains and timelines in play could be confusing, but Higgins does a fantastic job weaving through the storylines without leaving any behind. Issue #13 of The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers continues this intriguing story with an epic prelude to a gigantic battle. The violence doesn’t technically take place, but you catch a glimpse of what will end up being a phenomenal sequence. Basically, issue #13 is similar to the quiet moments in Lord of the Rings: the Two Towers that happen right before the battle of Helm’s Deep. Trust me, this analogy makes sense when you read the comic.

So if the violence doesn’t take center stage during this issue, what actually happens? Well, without spoiling the major plot points, let’s just say that the majority of teased items from issue #12 are actually expanded upon. A large sequence focuses on Rita and her band of goons as they look to destroy the Power Rangers. This reveal of a master plan finally makes good on some teased sequences from issues past, and it also shows off how deviously evil Finster can be. He always seemed like a good-natured villain in the show, but this comic version has a serious dark side lurking under his fur.

While the villains are working on finalizing a master plan, the heroes in both timelines are trying to simply find a victory. The original timeline Rangers are looking for solutions to their issues with Rita as well as the disappearances of their colleagues. Tommy and Billy, on the other hand, are trying to avoid death from all directions. Their predicament takes them to strange places and includes the appearances of two very surprising figures, but it also provides more of the continuing backstory that has been moving this series along. Thank goodness! Lord Drakkon’s story is the most fascinating part of this series.

As a continuation of an enjoyable series, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #13 is another solid issue for the collection. More and more familiar characters are making their way to the pages, albeit in slightly different ways, and are adding just enough weirdness to differentiate the story from the familiar. The action may be lacking, and Jason may be laying it on a little thick with the self hatred, but these elements don’t take away from the enjoyment.

Once again, Higgins has added another important story to this very good series. Just don’t use it as a starting point.  

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