Nightwing #29 Review

Posted September 21, 2017 by Aron Pohara in Comic Books

Written by: Tim Seeley

Art by: Paul Pelletier

Published by: DC Comics

Before I go into a review, this has to be mentioned. Sebastian Sejic’s Game of Thrones homage cover is amazing.

Nightwing #29 sees the Gotham Resistance take step forward in trying to figure out the mystery of Barbados and the cards given out by his agents. Tim Seeley manages to almost seamlessly transition into this Metal tie-in from a previous issue of the series. This issue we are dealing with something much cooler (all sorts of pun intended), as Mr. Freeze becomes the Night King and tries to thwart Jon Snow and his companions from solving a mystery!

All joking around, this is a fun read, though sometimes too referential for its own good. It is a rare sight to see Nightwing teaming up with Damian and the Suicide Squad. If that isn’t a recipe for disaster, I don’t know what is! The addition of those guest stars gives this book life. The scope creates a sense that the heroes are dealing with a video game mini-boss. Seeley adds a few twists and turns to it with some of his dialogue, but overall there’s no real development here again.

Paul Pelletier does a serviceable job bringing this issue to life, but there is nothing really to distinguish it from a regular comic book. Metal as a premise is kind of all out, insane type of deal and Pelletier has a few panels that are fantastic, especially with the crazy Robins (note to creative team, use more Crazy Robins!), but overall the fact that most of it takes place in a snowstorm, nothing really managed to stand out.

Gotham Resistance is falling in a lot of the pitfalls other tie-ins fall into. It is fun if you want to just get everything Metal that is out there, but it is not  required reading to understand what is going on. Now if they concentrate more on the insane aspects of what Metal can and is delivering in the main book the story could be different.

Overall this is a book only for people that are already collecting these issues and nothing more.

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