Star Trek/Green Lantern: The Spectrum Wars #3 Review

Written by: Mike Johnson

Art by: Angel Hernandez

Publisher: IDW

So far, Star Trek/Green Lantern has exceeded my expectations. I wasn’t expecting much from this series, wiht crossovers being very hit and miss with me, however it’s been consistently fun and contained a lot of cool moments for fans of both series. The newest issue is once more fun, featuring the same cosmic action beautifully rendered by Angel Hernandez that I’ve come to love, while also moving the story towards the central conflict, however it is held back by some repetitive pacing issues that make the issue feel shorter than it actually is.

While the first two issues of the series focused heavily on the Star Trek cast and them coming to terms with elements of the Green Lantern mythos, this instalment flips it around, with an explanation given as to how the Lanterns came to the Trek universe as well as introducing some of the main Lantern characters into the crossover and seeing how they deal with these new ring bearers. The explanation for the crossover, while arguably uneeded given how natural these two universes go together,  is one sure to satisfy fans. It’s a very “flux capacitor” type reasoning, with not too much attention given to the specifics on how other than “sci-fi stuff relating to the rings” but there’s no real need for further depth, therefore I think it works well. The villain’s plan however is a little more unsatisfying, without spoiling his identity it basically boils down to “the same plan as last time with greater numbers” which feels a little bit lazy. I feel if there had been more of a Trek influence of the villain’s plan it could’ve made sense to why he was suddenly so successful, like if he got some piece of technology from the trek universe that the rings were weak against or something like that, but it’s not too big of an issue and they still make a fitting big bad that will require the eventual team up of the enterprise crew and the lantern corps.

What is a bit more of an issue is the pacing this time round. I felt the first instalment went a little quick, and while improvements were made last time, this time round the script feels a little repetitive, making the issue feel much shorter result despite a surprising amount of ground being covered. The whole issue basically follows the formula: Star Trek character has a power ring, they mess about with it until the leader of the lantern corps their enlisted to shows up, conflict is hinted at and then we move to the next scene. It’s still pretty fun to see these characters interact, as it’s a pair up I never imagined we’d see, however when the issue ended I was a little surprised as I felt very little had actually happened, with lots of build up and rising tension without a real pay off too it. It may be a problem with their simply being too many different villains and conflicts, but with so much potential ground to cover I don’t want to fault Johnson for being ambitious. There is some fun along the way, including some pretty great head butting between Kirk and Hal (which feels so naturally fitting given their characters) and the last page reveal is an awesome way to transition into the second half of the story. While I have no doubt there’s enough issues left to give a satisfying conclusion and include more cool moments, if the series continues with its current pacing then it’ll be a little disappointing.

Despite a lot of complaining, I am still really enjoying this crossover event and would definitely recommend it. The whole thing has a great feeling to it, it doesn’t feel like a cheap cash grab, but instead a story that’s had a lot of effort and fun put into it. I get a feeling the creators are really having a blast smashing elements from Trek and Green Lantern together, however they could benefit from a little more focus. There’s a lot of potential to this crossover and the series is doing a good job of living up to it, these last three issues will need to really start moving the story forward.