Suicide Squad Rebirth #1 Review

Posted August 3, 2016 by Alexander Handziuk in Comic Books

Written by: Rob Williams

Art by: Philip Tan

Publisher: DC Comics

Launching the same week as the highly anticipated Suicide Squad movie, Suicide Squad Rebirth Special #1 certainly has timing on its side. And after a couple of underwhelming series, it’s certainly time for the squad  to step up to the crazy, psychotic plate that they so often like to inhabit. If this rebirth special is any indication of the coming series or the suicide squad movie for that matter, then we’re in for an awesome, character driven ride.

First and foremost this issue does a good job of setting events and character’s personalities in motion. The first three squad members, Harley Quinn, Deadshot and Captain Boomerang are thrown right into the heat of battle, and Williams lets their interactions with one another speak for their character rather than relying on too much of an exposition dump. The exposition that is present, is however handled quite well, as it occurs in a conversation between Suicide Squad organizer, Amanda Waller and potential recruit, Rick Flagg.

Furthermore, the Suicide Squad is all about action and so it is fitting that this book skips any sort of inner monologue in favour of fast and furious dialogue. As a result the issue runs at a rather torrid pace that successfully gets you engrossed in the goings on. The only real issue is that this debut is a little high on setup and low on delivery, as it creates a compelling reason for the squad to assemble and gives a nice introduction to the series’ characters, but does so at the expense of a satisfying ending/cliffhanger.

On the art side Philip Tan’s pencils are chaotic and moody and his style blends nicely with William’s script. The scenes dealing with Rick Flagg and Waller, are crawling with darkness and heavy use of shadows, something that lends itself well to the way in which the script paints their characters . Tan’s art also shines in the more action heavy parts of the book as he balances explosions and death with great facial  expressions, specifically Harley.

Suicide Squad Rebirth Special #1 is a mouthful to say but a great book to read as Williams and Tan make the squad engaging, without sacrificing pacing. It manages to sidestep the over exposition heavy trap that has befallen many Rebirth Special issues, and while this issue is light on the payoff, it sets this series up as a potential must read.

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