Superman/Wonder Woman #11 Review

Posted August 14, 2014 by Joel Raivid in Comic Books

Written by: Charles Soule

Art by: Thony Silas & Tomeu Morey

Publisher: DC

After last week’s 3 issue Doomed eventathon where this event really picked up pace, I feel slightly let down again and deflated.

The issue is definitely entertaining, but there was a lot of the story that I felt was regressing and even fragmented especially with the first couple of scenes with Non and Mongul.

After the conclusion of last week’s Action Comics #34 that was really built around Non and Mongul coming out of the Phantom Zone, to see what was depicted in this issue of them in the opening couple of pages made me really frustrated. I was also frustrated and felt a bit lost with the revelation towards the end on how the Justice League is going to stop Brainiac. I am not going to spoil what Clark and Diana decide will stop Brainiac, but we are left with two different ideas and neither of them are explained what they are doing, especially Clark’s idea.

Despite my frustrations, as I mentioned above I did enjoy the issue, it was a lot of fun. For me especially, there were two outstanding points to this issue. The first was the way Soule wrote Cyborg. Cyborg has really come into his own in The New 52 and I have never read him written so well since the beginning of Forever Evil till now, and in my opinion I think this event has written him particularly well and he was showcased excellently in this issue. Secondly, the art was just superb especially the colouring. The action scenes looked fantastic and really felt like the page was moving and the colours looked like what I imagine in my head that these superhero outfits look like that most of time in The New 52 we just haven’t seen.

Overall, the issue has some strong points but the weaker elements of the plot and the lack of advancement in the story really let this part of Doomed down especially after the strength of the issues released last week. The next issue continues in Supergirl #34 next week and I am really intrigued to see how she fits in with all of this especially as she has been missing for most of this event.

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