The Immortal Hulk #2 Review

Posted July 6, 2018 by Jacqueline Juretus in Comic Books

Writer: Al Ewing

Penciller: Joe Bennett

Inker: Ruy José

Color Artist: Paul Mounts

Publisher: Marvel Comics

In this second issue, the reader gets a more meaty story and some character development on Banner/Hulk.  It’s still a slow burn story, so may not be for everyone as they could get frustrated with the meticulous pace.  The story also seems to be taking a slightly episodic approach in that one does not have to have necessarily read the first issue to understand this issue.

It is disappointing some themes from the first issue were not pursued here, however new and interesting themes were introduced.  Dialogue is well done, with each character having a distinct voice.  This Hulk is incredibly loquacious and eloquent.  Antagonists so far are sympathetic, but so weak compared to Hulk that their penance can seem like overkill or be unsatisfying.  It is interesting, however, to read the morally grey characters play off each other.

This comic did not have the same horror feel as the first, but the art quality is still decent.  Readers get to see more camerawork and color range.  There are some beautiful establishing shots.  The color work is fantastic.  The ending page is great and should have readers looking forward to the next issue.

Overall, this run is not quite a must buy yet, but shouldn’t be completely overlooked.  Hopefully all this build up pays off eventually.

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