Alex + Ada #8 Review

Written by: Jonathan Luna & Sarah Vaughn

Art by: Jonathan Luna

Publisher: Image

Alex and Ada is a funny one. It lacks any form of action, its story is extremely slow, and the characters aren’t really that interesting, yet somehow over the past few months this series has become a must have.

When I say the characters aren’t that interesting, I actually mean the premise of those characters, because one is a robot and the other is the furthest away from a charismatic person. So what makes this such a great series? Well for me it is what Luna and Vaughn are creating with these soulless characters and allowing them to generate a fantastic plot that really brings to home some core values and showcases a wonderful emotionally drive story.

This book is written so well it just makes for such an easy read. Sometimes it’s easy to forget how hard it is to write an independent book that doesn’t have the history of the Big Two, and really hit the ground running in the first handful of issues, but these writers have done it so well especially in creating an emotional connection between the reader and the two main protagonists that any fan of romance or drama genre really feel the hits in the choices these characters have been making.

There is a major shift in this issue which perhaps played out too quickly for my liking and could have perhaps happened over the course of a couple of issues, based on how other story ideas have progressed in the series so far, however, the way it did happen was fantastically written and really showed great morality for the characters.

This series does have its fun moments but it is filled with more sadness and frustration than any of these happy moments. But that is where the series continues to grab me. The drama and the emotionally driven plot leaves me wanting more. The usual last page cliffhanger left me shouting at the book, but this only goes to show the strength of the writing and my faith in the writers that all this will be resolved with a resolution that wants me to carry on reading the series.

As well as the writing Luna continues to do a great job on this book. I don’t think this series would be the same without his simplistic style. It is really effective in the world of an android as they do look robot like, and this works exceptionally well in that online forum hub type bar thing that everyone seems to hang out in. Despite loving the art, I do question whether that this type of sombre looking feel to the book makes me feel that these characters are sadder than they really are and that they lack any form of emotions (in regards to the humans) but this is not a huge issue for me as the overall feel of the book works so well.

This issue really succeeds on an emotional level and I was left shocked and wanting more. This series is definitely in the midst of a great part of the story and it can really go either way, but based on what has come before this, I have no doubts that the next few issues are going to be just as dramatic and thought provoking while being a truly gripping series.

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