Champions #8 Review

Written by: Mark Waid

Art by: Humberto Ramos

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Champions is a book written for all generations to enjoy.

It’s rare for a book that is geared toward younger audiences to capture the right feeling so it doesn’t just appeal toward adults as well, but more importantly it does not talk down to kids while teaching them valuable lessons. That’s exactly what Mark Waid did here with Champions. It is very reminiscent of the run he did on Impulse for DC.

This issue Waid manages to weave a web of how our heroes deal with betrayal, after the events of the previous several issues. It’s not exactly an action packed issue. It concentrates more on the emotional state of our characters, and each one of them minus maybe Miles is given something to do here. That was a bit of the going theme for a several issues now as Miles is put in a background to pave way for the other characters to take spotlight. That would be one of the faults here and other would be that even eight issues in there is still no central foe or real threat for our heroes to face. It really seems like a book about bonding and friendship with a superhero twist.

Ramos continues his work on the book and at this point it would be hard to see anyone taking over. His art is always full of wonder and his facial expressions always add layers to the characters that maybe they wouldn’t be there otherwise. He makes even most of the banal banter between characters seem energetic with his use of space and that adds additional layer to the strife they are facing right now.

He manages to make just characters talking more interesting, with his big eyes and face emoting in a way that no other style really can. For some that can be very detracting and even though its not meant to be photo realistic it is very fitting for this book.

Champions is a book that really looks like Marvel was trying something different with, one could say maybe even have their version of “Teen Titans”. The one thing is as I mentioned before is that the book doesn’t really have a central villain for our team to rally against and with impending Marvel Relaunch in September could pose trouble for the book itself, with either a relaunch of the book with a new creative team which would certainly kill the momentum the book had behind it or worse killing the book altogether.

Champions #8 is a fun read, it certainly is not for everyone but for people who just want to have some fun time and if you want to see further adventures of the new faces of Marvel, there is no better book than this.