Madden 17’s Top 5 Wide Receivers

EA Sports is continuing to release new player ratings in anticipation of Madden 17‘s release. The latest skill position to be revealed is wide receiver, starting with the top five:

1. Antonio Brown – 97 Overall

2. Julio Jones – 96 Overall

3. AJ Green – 93 Overall

4. Odell Beckham Jr. – 93 Overall

5. DeAndre Hopkins – 93

Unlike the running backs, the top five wide receivers all rank extremely high. Part of this is due to the focus on passing that has taken over the NFL, and part is due to the pure quality of players exiting the college ranks.

Antonio Brown is one of the most electrifying receivers around, and he runs some of the most precise routes ever seen. When playing as the Steelers, it’s pretty easy to find Brown wide open on any play. Plus, Brown can return punts for touchdowns at basically any time. Sure, he occasionally kicks the punter in the face, but there is no denying his talent.


Like Brown, Julio Jones and AJ Green are both forces to be reckoned with. Jones has the speed and size to defeat any cornerback, and AJ Green has the route running and body control to make the most difficult catches. Despite some differences between the two receivers, they can both help you run up the score in any match.

Odell Beckham Jr. is one of the more controversial receivers in the game. The third-year Giants receiver makes spectacular catches to help his team win, but he also encapsulates that “diva” attitude like Terrell Owens. In Madden, however, Beckham Jr. is one of the best weapons to use. Beckham Jr. has the speed and spectacular catching ability that makes a fearsome pair.

There is no denying DeAndre “Nuk” Hopkins’ talent. The Texans receiver has produced with almost a dozen quarterbacks in only three years! Not necessarily the stat you want, but Hopkins makes everyone look good with his superior leaping ability and even better catching. Hopkins routinely makes one-handed catches, and he has beaten the best corners in the game. Playing the Texans is better because of Hopkins, and he makes it so that you are never out of contention.