Tom King’s Batman will be forming his own Suicide Squad in the next arc, will it be able to stand apart from other DC books?

Posted July 25, 2016 by Adeem Khan in Comic Books

Comic-Con might be over, but we’re still getting plenty of big comic news. In a interview with GameSpot, Tom King revealed the next arc for his hit comic series will be called ‘I Am Suicide.’ The book will feature Batman creating his own Suicide Squad from Arkham Asylum’s gallery of rogues and using them to accomplish “an impossible task”. We don’t know what the task is just yet, but it will follow the upcoming crossover ‘Night of the Monster Men’. Fans of John Ostrander’s run on Suicide Squad will be glad to hear that Tom King is also a big fan and is inspired by the run.

For people who have been keeping up with their Bat-books, the idea behind this next arc might sound a little familiar.


The current run of Detective Comics actually features Batman putting together a team as well. Although it’s not a team of villains (Well, there’s one villain on the team), it seems like the basic idea between the two is the same. Batman’s Detective Comics team consists of Red Robin, Spoiler, Clayface, Batwoman, and Orphan.

Apart from Detective Comics, Batman’s next arc will be hitting the same beats as another DC comic: Suicide Squad.


Nevertheless, I’m excited to see Tom King’s take on a team of villains and hopeful that it will be unique enough to stand apart from the others.


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