Man vs Rock Vol 1 Review

Written by: Kevin Bieber & Vitctor DeTroy

Art by: Jared Lamp

Publisher: Boxrott Publishing

I hadn’t heard of this comic until recently. Indie comic Man vs Rock is an edgy satire where man has realized who their greatest foe throughout history actually is : rocks. In this story, rocks have become the scape-goat for every major problem humanity suffers, both past and present. Professor Buck Stone, highly unhinged and probably not deserving of his degree or profession, campaigns against humanities most terrifying and prolific enemy, the rocks. He’s also not terribly nice to any of his students…

Be warned, this comic may offend some readers. It’s important to remember that this is a satire. All the characters are very one dimensional in my opinion and represent different extremes that easily relate to various opinions in our own rock-hate free world. Rocks have pretty much taken the place of every racial, religious and gender conflict in history.

There are some points where the artwork feels sexist. One of the opening scenes is sexually explicit and the content, although intended to generate laughter in it’s awkwardness, is actually quite raunchy. I can see a lot of people finding fault with this although it didn’t offend me personally. It’s worth stating before I forget, that this is absolutely not suitable for the children. This is an adult comic 100%.

Although you might be shocked by some of the content, the story is original, well-crafted and entertaining. I am just left wondering how Man is actually going to take on the rocks…