Quick Time Review: Phigolf


  • Multiple app support allows for various experiences to be played.
  • Phigolf stick feels comfortable to hold.


  • Frustrating Bluetooth pairing.
  • Inaccurate swing readings.
  • Requires an additional device like an Apple TV to fully utilize it.
  • Apps that are compatible with it are infuriating in their own rights.

    In Summary

    While the Phigolf may look like a great choice for a present or an alternative for something like TopGolf or a trip to Dave and Busters it fails in nearly all areas. The apps it utilizes didn’t register the swings accurately, the Bluetooth pairing is maddening, and the fact you need an additional item like an Apple TV makes this already expensive item (at around $200-$250 depending on where you look) something that not even a casual fan of Golf would really enjoy. If you find this under the tree this holiday season hopefully there is a gift receipt for it so you can purchase something else instead.