Quick Time Review: The Calisto Protocol


  • Incredible visuals
  • Combat feels smooth and responsive.
  • Using the environment as a weapon allows for additional gameplay depth.


  • Dodging feels like something out a Wii or Kinect game.
  • Storyline is lackluster at best.
  • Deaths can sometimes feel cheap when attacked by more than one enemy.
  • Lack of enemy variety.

In Summary

As a huge fan of the Dead Space series, this was one of my most anticipated games of 2022, and like the….no xenomorphs in the game, it limps along at every step. The lack of any taut moments, horrific scenes, the awful storyline it all feels like the developers who also made the original Dead Space games said F it and put whatever they wanted in. Because of that there is an overall lack of cohesion to the story and gameplay mechanics (PLEASE patch in normal dodging controls) and the game feels less like a successor to Dead Space and more like a husk of it. Wait for the remake of Dead Space at this point, or a deep sale to even think about trying this game.