Star Mage #4 Review

Written by: JC De La Torre

Art by: Franco Cespedes

Publisher: IDW

Star Mage has been a comic series filled with interest and surprise. Issue four was no different, however, there were some mediocre moments that left me a bit confused.

We begin this issue with Tristan and Gemma skipping school to go to the beach. A nice recap is given to new readers on why these two characters seem important. For them, it’s the fact that Tristan is being questioned for murdering the main character Darien, who (to Earthlings) disappeared six months ago. At least one of these characters remain important, when quickly, something catastrophic happens at the beach, leading one character onto a new adventure. Skipping over to Darien, we get shown what his life is like on his new planet, where it’s up to him to succeed in becoming a Star Mage in order for his peoples’ progression. This is where things get a bit tricky in my opinion.

De La Torre gives a lot of detail very fast when it comes to the knowledge he wants the readers to know for Darien’s planet. It was very interesting, but there is a lot of information, and a lot of challenging words to grasp. There were good action sequences, but involved in them, were many spells and charms that Mage’s or Mage students were yelling out. I understand the concept, and why the words are the way that they are, but it becomes almost mind numbing to try and figure out the pronunciation as you stay tuned in to the action.

De La Torre does do readers the favor of having a good twist in this issue, and even with some mild disorientation, the plot line keeps building. The story itself is one that we’ve seen but with many different curves and wonder. Cespedes delivers on the artwork, bringing the right reactions to the characters, and bringing in great imagination when it comes to anything dealing with the alien race.

This issue was not my favorite, but it honestly has been a very good and creative series. I will continue on with Star Mage, knowing that De La Torre will deliver with the crashing plot line that I expect.