Quick Time Review: Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin


  • Gameplay is fun and the ability to change jobs on the fly adds extra layers to the combat.
  • Magic is used well and makes smart use in a Souls-like atmosphere.
  • So much loot to obtain.
  • Soul shield gives a good risk/reward for certain enemies.
  • Job leveling is a great way to hone specific skills and grow into other more powerful jobs later on.


  • Levels are very linear and feel outdated when compared to games of its ilk.
  • Voice acting is cringe.
  • Story is super confusing and not for everyone.
  • Using the touchpad (for Playstation) for basic interactions is frustrating.
  • Mission levels feel too high after completing one, requiring you to go back and do the memory mission in the previous level to get anywhere near where you need to be.

In Summary

Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin, is in fact a strange game. While the gameplay is a lot of fun the story is a mess and the voice acting feels like it belongs 4 generations ago. Yes, this is a fun game if you’re into the cringe like I am, but that’s going to be a smaller than likely expected pool of people to warrant a purchase until it goes on sale. If there’s one thing this game does is create a dangerous drinking game every time the main character Jack says the word Chaos, because he says it more than any other person I’ve heard in my life. There is a good game here, and I highly recommend trying the demo before buying it, but there a lot here that makes the game less fun than one would want in their Final Fantasy.